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Bagasse Biodegradable Labels

Key Facts about Bagasse Biodegradable Labels

Bagasse is an eco-friendly material that is made from a  bi-product of the production of sugar cane without the need for silicone. Our premium bagasse labels are wood free (compastable), biodegradable, recyclable and even vegan. Labels made from bagasse require less energy to produce, and sugarcane is less polluting to the environment and less fuel orientated than other labels. Since bagasse is considered a waste product from sugarcane, it would be a shame to not put bagasse to good use!


Great Value Bagasse Biodegradable Labels

Bagasse cane fibre offers great strength and durability reducing the likelihood of labels ripping and tearing. Our bagasse Labels are combined with a special biodegradable adhesive and available in permanent adhesive making suitable to adhere well with a range of surfaces. Bagasse makes naturally beautiful labels and stickers to enhance the organic features and characteristics of your product.



Label Usage

What uses do these labels have?

Our bagasse labels have a wide range of uses. Due to its natural surface and eco-friendly qualities, this label material offers an organic look and suits a variety of brands and products that are environmentally conscious. Popular uses include: beauty product labels, handmade product labelling and artisan food packaging labels.



Beauty Product Labels

Due to its water and grease resistant nature, our bagasse labels make for a perfect choice for beauty product labelling. As spillages can often occur when it comes to beauty products, the water and grease resistant covering on our bagasse labels will protect your design from any mishaps. The texture of these labels as well as being eco-friendly will coincide well if your company produces vegan or organic beauty products. Consumers these days will favour products with environmentally conscious packaging over others. These labels look great on any type of tub, tube and bottle.


Handmade Product Labelling

Grease resistant We find that labels that are eco-friendly are often a great choice for brands who hand make their products. Demonstrating that your business is environmentally conscious and sustainably focused will give you a competitive edge and makes you stand out for the right reasons. Our bagasse labels give a handcrafted look, perfect for businesses who create handmade smaller products like candles and ceramics.


Artisan Food Packaging Labels

Meaning Bagasse labels are a perfect choice for biodegradable food product labels and stickers. Roll Labels work with many artisan food producers to label products like meat, cheeses and other organically sourced produce. Bagasse labels are also extremely aesthetically pleasing, making them stand out from the crowd to consumers.

Label Fulfillment & delivery

Stock & Availability

As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are proud to offer a fast 5 day turnaround time for all of our Printed Roll Labels. With the exclusion of made to order labels, all items will usually be dispatched the same day if ordered before 4pm weekdays for next working day delivery.


Shipment & Delivery

We use a variety of delivery partners, depending on the weight of your order or where we are delivering to. Most UK locations will be a 24-hour service. We will email you confirmation of dispatch alongside your tracking information so you can check the progress of your order.


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