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Baking Labels

Baking Labels for all uses

What are the uses of Baking Labels & Packaging?

We work with a selection of large and small bakeries that need a range of custom labels for baked goods such as cookies, brownies and flapjacks. Baking Labels have a variety of different uses and whether you’re a small or larger bakery you’ll more than likely use labels to promote your products. Baking Labels can be a powerful marketing tool, and creating eye catching and visually appealing labels can help customers choose your products over competitors. 

Legal Requirements For Baking Labels 

There's essential legal information that you need to include on a baking label such as the product name, business name, business address, permit number, county number, ingredients, allergens and net amount. Once you’ve included all of this essential on your food label, you’ll be able to legally sell your products. 

Types of Baking Labels by finish

We stock baking labels in a variety of materials and Peelable and permanent adhesives, our labels can be used to help launch your products and can grab the attention of customers. Visit our Bespoke Quote page. We can easily create you a bespoke custom label for your baked goods. 

Showcase your products with eye catching and attractive labels

Our range of bright silver paper labels are a popular choice for baking labels as they have a smooth and reflective finish that gives labels an eye catching and attractive appearance. Bright silver paper labels can be used to complete packaging for a variety of baked goods and the reflective finish of the label can be used to highlight special offers or unique selling points.

Protect with waterproof baking labels

Our transparent polypropylene labels are incredibly durable and waterproof, this makes these labels the perfect option for product labelling and packaging. Transparent polypropylene labels allow you to add text or images to packaging and the original colour and texture will show through. These labels are ideal for baking labels as they allow businesses to be more creative and unique with their packaging.

Strong Baking labels

Gloss white polypropylene labels are perfect if you’re looking for a strong and robust label that’ll withstand harsh conditions. As these labels are plastic, the material is waterproof which means the label can be wiped dry with the design staying intact. As well as being practical, these labels provide a sleek and stylish appearance that’ll grab customers’s attention.

Eye catching labels for baking

Laid paper is an eye-catching material that is frequently used for product packaging. Laid paper labels are ideal for small bakeries as they provide an elegant and handcrafted appearance.

Bagasse Biodegradable baking Labels

Bagasse is an biodegradable material that provides excellent strength and durability. If you sell organic products in environmentally friendly packaging then our bagasse Biodegradable labels are perfect for you. Bagasse labels are ideal for small bakeries as they provide a handcrafted look and demonstrate that your business is environmentally conscious.

Baking Labels explained by use

If our range of labels doesn’t quite cover your baking label  needs, discover our Special Processes options for our labels. In addition to this, we have also outlined some different reasons why you should consider different baking labels. 

Displaying key information

Peel and reveal labels involve a number of layers that are incredibly useful for displaying information on a product. Peel and reveal labels are perfect for baking labels as the multiple layers help maintain a sleek product design whilst displaying vital information such as allergens or net weight.  

Showcase your product and brand

Spot Varnishing Labels can make your label stand out from the crowd, the spot UV effect can be used to highlight certain areas of the print such as a logo or text. A Spot UV effect gives your product an extravagant feel and is the perfect option to add a luxury finish to your label.

Provide an extra protective label

Raised varnishing provides an extra layer of protection to a label and makes the design of your label more eye catching and animated. Raised varnishing is ideal for high-end food label packaging as it provides a luxury finish touch to your product packaging.

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