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Beer Labels

Beer Bottle Labels

In a growing market for beer, the labels are becoming more explosive too. Gone are the days of a boring logo on a dark bottle, companies are now coming up with creative artwork and ways to intrigue the customer towards their brand over the many alongside them. Brewing beer takes a lot of work and technique so it is only right we are here to make the product look great as well as taste great! Now, whether you are just starting your own family brewery or are already selling plenty of bottles every week, our team have you covered.



What is on Beer Bottle Labels?

So, what do you need on the bottle of beer that you are selling?  And where on the label does it go? Whether you are showing off the attractive logo over competitors or entering the legal requirements, here is what you need to know…

Neck label – Not everyone chooses to have a neck label, it is not important to have but can give a nice finishing touch to the top of your beer bottle. This often just consists of a small logo or slogan. Although only 6% of visual attention goes onto the neck, companies still spend a minimum of £3billion per year at averagely 1p per label (That’s a lot of labels!)

Back Label – Going by the law, this is your most important label, the most boring but most important. This would include the alcohol strength and units, producer, ingredients and expiration date. Although only 4% spend time to view this label, you cant sell your product without it, so make sure it is perfect!

Front Label –Going from the stats of research from Anglia Ruskin University, the other 90% of the customers viewing is on the front label. The artistic, creative, good looking side. The side where you show off your product and make those extra sales! We can help you get your artwork ready and a print the perfect label.

Wrap-Around Label – The wrap around label is a combination of the front and back label into a singular label around the whole bottle. These are most popular for small labels and craft labels, providing all the information you need in one size and job run.



Types of Labels

To gather your ingredients, create your product and clean up, finishing with your perfect bottle of beer, can be very time consuming. It would be a shame to have a label that isn’t durable and doesn’t live up to expectation, it should last a lifetime! Our permanent labels have a strong adhesive and will stay put making the perfect for smooth glass or plastic bottles.

The most popular label and the one we would suggest for this product is the waterproof labels. The plastic makes them hard wearing and durable, making them withhold condensation and other liquids when stored in the fridge or submerged in an ice bucket at the family BBQ. Another waterproof alternative is the clear transparent labels which are most popular on clear bottle to help the artwork stand out to the bottle even more. Both of which can be stored in the freezer as well as last out in the sun.


Suggested Sizing Guide 


Rectangle Label

Wrap Around Label

27.5cl (275ml)

50 x 60mm

60 x 160mm

33cl (330ml)

70 x 80mm

80 x 180mm

50cl (500ml)

85 x 100mm

100 x 200mm

You will notice the dimensions seem the wrong way round on the wrap-around labels. This is to do with the leading edge at which the artwork comes off the machine, more information can be found here.

These aren’t rules, just what we suggest from experience, you know your product best but if you need further assistance then contact us.



What Next?

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