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Can Labels

Can Labels

Many products can be stored in a can, most commonly cider and beer and in the ever growing market for craft beer. But in more recent times juices and water is also becoming more popular in cans as well as some wines for picnics or festivals, this is largely due to its eco-friendly credentials, it is easily recycled and only takes 60 days for an aluminium can to be recycled, remanufactured and back into retail!

There isn’t much of a difference between bottle labels and can labels. Some cans are printed without have a printed label on, this is called screen printing and is expensive on shorter runs. A custom can label will often cover the whole of the main cylinder surface of the can, allowing you to express the exotic flavours with the most creative artwork to entice your thirsty customers.


Types of Labels

Your cans are most likely going to be in a wet environment so we would want to look no further than our waterproof poly labels. Whether your drink has sprayed out the top or is in an ice bucket keeping your refreshing beverage cool, our waterproof labels will stop your impressive artwork running off the can.

Being on an aluminium can, which naturally has metallic qualities it is also a popular option to have metallic print on there. Metallic labels combine well with the product itself and can look snazzy and attractive on the retail shelves.

Another waterproof label would be our transparent labels which can really help your artwork standout compared to the standard metallic can. If applied carefully can look like print onto the can with the main label material being completely see-through.


What Next?

If you would like your logo designed you can look into our design service or if you have your artwork sorted check it is print ready!

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