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Chemical Labels

Chemical labels 

Suitable labelling for all chemicals within your product is a legal requirement and is crucial to keep your customers safe from any potential hazardous substances. Hazard labels on products need to identified, and clearly explain what the hazards are and how to avoid them. These labels are vital to ensure that chemicals are stored and disposed of as safely as possible. We can offer a large range of suitable labels, from rectangles, to circles and ovals, which can be custom printed with your own branding and information to fit your exact labelling requirements. 

What is on a Chemical Label? 

  • Name, address and telephone number of manufacturer 
  • How and where to receive medical attention
  • All chemical labels must be securely attached and visible on the product
  • They should also include pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautions
  • Product identifier and supplier identification 
  • List of all chemicals used 

Disclaimer: This list is subject to the individual product you produce/sell. To view the official classifications from the Health and Safety Executive, please see the link here

Types of Labels available

We have a wide range of materials, adhesives, and finishes to create your chemical labels. Browse our materials here and visit our Materials page for more information:


Gloss white Polypropylene labels are ideal for chemical labels as they are made out of plastic. These robust labels are waterproof and can be easily wiped dry. The durability of this label will help prolong the life of your label and keep the design protected. They are perfect if need a high quality resistant label, especially when dealing with chemical substances. 

Need a bright coloured label to differentiate between your chemicals? We have fluorescent labels available in yellow, green, red, pink and orange making it easy for you to stay organised while delivering all the essential information on your label such as instructions, health and safety precautions, and chemicals used. 

Direct thermal labels are ideal for health and safety labels as they are cost effective and can be produced on a large scale. All our thermal labels are custom made, providing you with the ability to create the label you require. 

Peel and reveal labels are incredibly useful for presenting warnings or instructions on products. Peel and reveal labels have multiple layers and this helps to maintain a sleek product design that’ll match your brand. Some products will frequently use peel and reveal labels to present warning and safety information on the lower layers.

Protect Your Labels From UV Rays and Discolouring

Raised varnishing is an extremely common addition to any label as it provides an extra layer of protection to the label and also makes the design more eye-catching. Raised varnish is ideal for chemical labels as the raised varnish protects the outer layer against any damage that may occur during storage or delivery.

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