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Food Packaging Labels

Food Packaging Labels 

No matter where you go, when you buy food, it will have a label on it. Without it, it can’t be sold as you must have  the correct information on there as well has your beautiful logo artwork. When it comes to food packaging labels  they can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is to go on jars, bottles, packets or anything else. You could be  labelling containers or equipment around the house kitchen or are catering a global product with many different  product lines or flavors we can find the best solution for you.


 Label Choices

There is such a broad range of food packaging so it may be hard to know what material to go for… Our standard   paper labels would be perfect for something like bags of sugar, flour or other packaging that live in dry cupboard environments. Some   plastic containers or other packaging my need robust hard wearing labels so we would suggest   our plastic waterproof labels which we also offer in transparent which can help your artwork look more vibrant and stand out

Some companies will need to store their labels in big industrial freezers which usually have a dry environment and our freezer   labels can plummet to really low temperatures such as -40 degrees so they can with hold such conditions   and stay permanently   on your food packaging. Our waterproof poly labels can be used in standard household freezers to -20 degrees however all freezer labels must be applied at room temperature first.

Our Peel and Reveal if perfect for showing off your marvelous artwork and hiding extra information underneath it. It is very popular in the food industry as it can store all the legal requirements needed on the packaging without it ruining the attractive artwork.



Label Requirements 

The food label must include information such as the    

-          Ingredients

-          Contents 

-          Allergy warnings

-          Nutritional value.

As well as this it must have an attractive logo to stand out from the rest on the shelf. A cheap looking label will send a poor message about the quality of food inside. To make sure your artwork is ready click here.


What Next?

You can view more specific types of food labels below                                            

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To understand what label requirements you need in more detail you can talk to our team with any questions on 0344 272 0212. Or email us at     

Or use our step by step calculator.

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