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Food Packaging Labels

Food Packaging Labels for all uses

Custom Food Labelling & Packaging

Food packaging labels display vital information for customers such as nutritional value, allergies and ingredients. All of this information must be visibly displayed on containers, jars, bottles or cans. Labels are an excellent marketing tool that can highlight key unique selling points of your product and can help persuade customers to choose your product over competitors. 

We work closely with a range of unique small and large businesses across the UK to produce high-quality food packaging labels using the very latest digital printing technology. We can then provide eye catching and sophisticated packaging for your customers as well as outstanding tasting food.

Legal Requirements For Food Packaging Labels 

Food packaging labels are predominantly adhesive labels that can be easily used with bottles, jars, boxes and cans. Before creating a label, there’s a few legal requirements that you have to follow as a food business and it’s vital you follow these requirements if you’re selling products within the UK. 

Your food labels must show the name of the food, a ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date, any necessary warnings, net quantity information, a list of ingredients, the country or place of origin, the lot number or use-by date, any storage conditions, and any instructions for use of cooking, if necessary. If you’re selling food in Great Britain, it’s also imperative you include the name of the business responsible for the information on the food.

Types of Food Packaging Labels

We stock food packaging labels in a range of different shapes and sizes, our labels can be used to help launch your product and grab the attention of customers. We offer labels in a variety of different shapes such as rectangle, circle, and oval, but if you need another shape, visit our Bespoke Quote page, and we can create a fully custom label for your product. We can easily print your design, with your own branding and product information.

High quality finishes

Our range of bright silver paper labels are ideal for food product labelling as they provide a stylish and high-quality finish that will easily attract customers. These metallic labels can be used to highlight special offers or unique selling points that will encourage customers to purchase your products over competitors. 

Transparent Labels for Bottles

Transparent polypropylene labels provide a high-quality finish and are an incredibly popular choice for product labelling and packaging. These transparent labels are ideal for printing standalone logos or heavily designed products. Transparent polypropylene labels are perfect for products such as oils as they provide fantastic resistance to different types of oils and water.

Gloss Waterproof Labels for Bottles

Gloss white polypropylene labels are ideal for food packaging labels as they are waterproof and can easily be wiped dry. These robust labels can help your design last for years, as well as providing a high-quality finish that’ll attract customers.

Biodegradable Labels for Bottles 

Our range of bagasse biodegradable labels are perfect for products that are sustainably sourced and organic. Businesses who sell organic products will use our bagasse biodegradable labels. The texture of laid paper labels also adds a touch of quality and exclusivity to products

Food Packaging Labels explained by use

If our range of standard labels doesn’t quite cover your food packaging needs, take a look at our extra Special Processes options for our labels, that we have listed below. 

Organisational Labels 

Peel and reveal labels help to keep an organised and concise product design that matches your brand identity. Peel and reveal labels are ideal for food products as you can easily display key information such as cooking instructions or allergen information without ruining your product design.

Highlight and showcase your brand 

Spot varnishing labels highlight key areas of a product label such as a brand name, logo or product name. The Spot varnishing effect provides your product with a luxury finish and is perfect for wine bottle labels or any bottle-based products.

Added protection

Raised varnishing is a common addition to any label as it provides an extra layer of protection to the label. This helps improve the design of the label as it can include a mixture of layers to make it more eye catching and attractive. Raised varnishing is frequently used for wine bottles but can also be used on jars to really make your logo stand out.   

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