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Labels For Bottles

Custom Labels for Bottles design

Why you need custom labels for bottles

Bottles are a hugely popular and practical container for liquids, from cosmetics to sauces to wine and beer, bottles are the perfect choice. Whether you’re on your first home-made batch or you’re expanding worldwide, if your bottles need labels (and they do!) we can help. Adding your own custom design, professional labels could be the difference between your bottle getting picked up or left on the shelf. 

We have a huge selection of labels for bottles but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can visit our Bespoke Quote page and we can create your perfect label shapes and sizes. Our labels are fully customisable for your needs, we can print your design, with your own branding, logo and product information and ensure your product’s packaging fits your professional image.


Types of Labels for Bottles

With our wide range of label materials, adhesives and finishes available, so - we are confident that we have the perfect labels for your bottles. Browse our label for bottle types and visit our Materials, Adhesives and Finishes pages for more information. 


A smooth finish

Our Semi Gloss White Paper Labels are the perfect choice for a huge number of bottle labels. These labels are high quality, have a smooth finish and are extremely versatile, although the label has a semi gloss finish, with printing, we can produce any finish from high gloss to matt. With our full range adhesives, permanent, peelable, ultra permanent, ultra peelable and freezer permanent, these labels are right for most projects.


An added ‘WOW’

Our Bright Silver Paper Labels are a great choice if your bottle labels need an extra wow factor. With printing on these labels, we can create a plethora of effects and finishes. Adding a translucent coat to the silver label to result in a metallic version of the chosen colour, adding an opaque layer of ink will result in areas of metallic and areas of solid colour as designed. These labels are great for statement pieces - you can create custom labels for champagne bottles, even add a space for personalisation as wedding, birthday and baby shower guest tokens.   

Bright Silver Paper Labels are available with permanent adhesive and a range of different finishes, including matt, gloss varnish and laminate. 


Waterproof labels for bottles

More often than not bottles are used for containing liquids, adding our Gloss White Polypropylene Labels is a perfect solution if the label may get wet. These labels are waterproof and wipeable, so they are perfect for reusable bottles, which will need to be regularly cleaned. 

These labels are available in a variety of adhesives including permanent, removable or ultra strong rubber and, as with all our labels, they are customisable to include your design. Gloss White Polypropylene Labels are available with our full range of adhesives permanent, peelable, ultra permanent, ultra peelable and freezer permanent.


Bright Silver Polypropylene Labels

If you need a waterproof label for your bottle but you also want to add the extra sparkle, our Bright Silver Polypropylene Labels are ideal. These labels are perfect for flashier, limited edition bottles or holiday specials. We can add your design to these labels with a finish of gloss or matt, so you do not have to compromise on quality. 

Bright Silver Polypropylene Labels are available with permanent adhesive.


Transparent Labels for Bottles

Our Transparent Polypropylene Labels are perfect for bottles, these labels are waterproof and, being transparent they are ideal for clear bottles, as the colour of the label will not interfere with the overall packaging. These labels work well for anything from oils to shampoo to perfume bottles. 

Transparent Polypropylene Labels have a gloss finish and are available with our full range of adhesives, including: permanent, peelable, ultra permanent, ultra peelable and freezer permanent.


Labels for Bottles that Stand Out

Our Dayglow Paper Labels are the perfect addition to your bottles, use these labels to add extra information that will stand out. You can use these fluorescent labels to advertise a sale or promotion, or simply to make your bottles jump off the shelf. 

Our Dayglow Paper Labels are available in a variety of colours, including Dayglow Yellow, Green, Red, Pink and Orange, however, they are fully customisable, so you can add your own design and all the information you need. These labels are available with permanent or removable adhesive and our full range of finishes, from high gloss to matt.


Premium and Popular Wine Bottle Labels

Our Premium Laid Paper Labels are luxurious and super high quality. These labels have a ribbed texture which is widely popular for wine bottle labels. With a rustic and homemade (but high-end) feel, these labels are often used for organic produce, as they fit the rustic aesthetic. 

Premium Laid Paper Labels are available with permanent adhesive and have a matt finish. 


Special Process Labels for Bottles

We also offer a range of Special Processes, if our standard range doesn’t include exactly what you are looking for:


Peel and Reveal Labels

If your label is information rich and your bottle isn’t big enough, or if you’d like to cover a wordy label with your logo or brand images, our Peel and Reveal Labels are the perfect choice for your bottles. These labels are particularly useful for small containers, such as medicine bottles. With the necessity of including medical jargon, complex ingredients, usage instructions and allergens, these small bottles have a mammoth of a label. Use our peel and reveal labels to ensure you are compliant, without compromising your packaging.


Spot Varnishing Labels & Raised Varnish Labels

Use our Spot Varnishing to make your labels stand out. Adding a high gloss focal point to your matt labels is eye catching and can be used to make your brand, logo or product name distinctive. Or, go a step further with our Raised Varnish Labels - this process adds an elegant, texturned element to your labels and make them really pop!

Looking for something else? Browse our range of label usage to suit your requirements and find the perfect label type for you.

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