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Labels For Jars

Labels for Jars for all Uses

Jars are the perfect container for a considerable range of products. Whether you're selling grandma's famous jam recipe, high-end luxurious face cream, or the best-selling marinara sauce on the market, you'll be putting it in a jar. From the smallest home-kitchen start-up to huge multinationals, jars provide the perfect containers for many products. Adding a custom label to your product will make you stand out from the crowd and maintain your professional image while also adding important information to your jars.  

Custom Design Labels For Jars

Here at Roll Labels, we offer a massive selection  of labels for jars. Our standard options are  rectangle, circle, and oval, but if you need  another shape, visit our Bespoke Quote page, and we can create your label shapes and sizes. We can print your design, with your own branding, style, and information, onto any of our labels, meaning your labels fit your brand identity and product design seamlessly. 

Types of Jar Labels

We have a wide range of materials, adhesives, and finishes to use on your jar labels, creating even more options for your labels to be perfect, fitting with your brand and products, and giving you an edge over the competition. Browse our materials here and visit our Materials page for more information:

Semi Gloss White Paper Labels

Our Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels are our top sellers simply because they are versatile and have exceptional value! These labels have a high quality and smooth finish, giving the label both a practical and decorative finish. These are perfect for all jar labels as we can print on almost any design, colour combination, and finish. Whether your design is high gloss to matt, full colour, single colour or black and white, this label type will stand the test of time and fit most designs. 

Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels are available with our full range of adhesives permanent, peelable, ultra permanent, ultra peelable, and freezer permanent.

Bright Silver Paper Labels

If you'd like to add a splash of elegance to your jar labels, our Bright Silver Paper Labels are a fantastic choice. These labels are almost as versatile as our Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels, as you can print any colour on top. Using our translucent print, we can create any metallic colour over the silver base, and with opaque ink we can print a non-metallic design over part of the label for a part-metallic, part-solid design. Our Bright Silver Paper Labels are a perfect choice to differentiate your higher-end products, or you can use them across your full range and show it's all high-end! 

Bright Silver Paper Labels are available with permanent adhesive and a range of different finishes, including matt, gloss varnish, and laminate. 

Gloss White Polypropylene Labels

Our Gloss White Polypropylene Labels do just about everything that our Semi-Gloss White Paper Labels do, except they are also waterproof! If your jars are likely to get wet, these may be the labels you need. These labels are available in a variety of adhesives, including permanent, removable, or ultra-strong rubber, and, as with all our labels, they are customisable to include your design. Whether you are labeling your jam jars, spice jars, or that family recipe marinara, adding your branding and style will help make the jars stand out. 

Gloss White Polypropylene Labels are available with our full range of adhesives permanent, peelable, ultra permanent, ultra peelable, and freezer permanent.

Bright Silver Polypropylene Labels

Our Bright Silver Polypropylene Labels are ideal if you'd like the glitz and glamour but also need a waterproof jar label. These labels are fully waterproof, and we can add your design over the silver to finish in gloss or matt lamination. These jar labels are perfect for special or holiday additions of your product if you want to make them stand out and shine!  

Bright Silver Polypropylene Labels are available with permanent adhesive.

Transparent Polypropylene Labels

Our Transparent Polypropylene Labels are highly versatile and can be used across a vast number of products. Due to their transparent nature, they make perfect labels for clear glass jars and smaller jars, where you don't want to obscure the contents, such as spice jar labels. These labels are also waterproof, meaning they are great for any jars that may contact water or other liquids. 

Transparent Polypropylene Labels are gloss finish and are available with our full range of adhesives, including: permanent, peelable, ultra permanent, ultra peelable, and freezer permanent.

Dayglow Paper Labels

If you're having a sale or a special event, our Dayglow Paper Labels are the perfect addition to your jar labels. These fluorescent labels are ideal for adding an extra note to your jars, whether it's 50% Off or Now Gluten Free! Adding these eye-catching labels will do the job. 

Our Dayglow Paper Labels are available in a variety of colours, including Dayglow Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, and Orange. However, they are fully customisable, so you can add your own design and all the information you need. These labels are available with permanent or removable adhesive and our full range of finishes, from high gloss to matt.

Premium Laid Paper Labels

If your design aesthetic is high-end luxury, our Premium Laid Paper Labels are the right choice for your jar labels. Laid Paper Labels have a ribbed texture, as they are constructed of compressed paper pulp. The finished product is classically elegant while complimentary to rustic and home-style products. These labels are particularly popular for labeling organic and artisan products, including jam jar labels, honey, and more!

Premium Laid Paper Labels are available with permanent adhesive and have a matt finish. 

Bagasse Biodegradable Labels

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, our Bagasse Biodegradable Labels are the right choice. Made from a by-product of the production of sugar cane, these labels will fully compost, they are recyclable, and they are vegan too. These labels use less energy to produce, so you will be helping the environment from construction to disposal. Our Bagasse Biodegradable Labels are water and grease-resistant, meaning you can wipe them clean. This makes them perfect for both food and cosmetic jar labels. These labels are particularly popular for organic products and eco-friendly brands. Many of these companies also offer jar return services to further reduce their impact, which you can also advertise on these jar labels! 

Our Bagasse Biodegradable Labels are available with a biodegradable adhesive or with a permanent adhesive. 

Special Process Labels for Jars

If our huge range of standard labels doesn’t quite cover your jar labelling needs, take a look at our extra Special Processes options for our labels:

Peel and Reveal Labels

Our Peel and Reveal Labels are the perfect choice for jar labels as you can include all the necessary information on even the smallest of jars. With these labels, you can include multiple layers of images and information, this makes them particularly useful for anything with long lists of ingredients or instructions. Cosmetics products are legally required to display information regarding safe use and warnings to those with allergies. Peel and reveal labels allow you to include this without using microscopic text! 

Spot Varnishing Labels

Add Spot Varnishing to your jar labels to make your labels pop. Adding a point of gloss to part of your otherwise matt design will make a focus point on your label. These gloss points catch the light, making your jars stand out on the shelf! These are perfect for making your brand or product name prominently visible and adds some diversity to your jar label. 

Raised Varnish Labels

If you love Spot Varnishing but need more, our Raised Varnish Labels will tick those boxes. Just like spot varnishing but raised up, these labels will really pop off your jars! This raised varnish adds a tactile element to your label, which is enticing to customers and adds a high-end element to your design. These are particularly popular for jar labels on cosmetics; add your logo in raised varnish to make it really stand out. 

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