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Labels For Jars

Jar Labels

Jars are one of the most popular containers when storing food whether it is around your kitchen or on the shop shelves to be sold. Like many other food packaging labels, it is important to have all the correct information as well as the snazzy looking logo to stand out from the rest! Whatever material you use it will stick perfectly to curvy glass containers perfect for jars for contents like Jam, Honey, spices, spreads or sauces.

 Jar Labels

Types of Labels

A popular go to material when purchasing for glass jars is transparent labels as it blends perfectly with the see through traits of the glass while really making the artwork stand out. They also share the plastic qualities of our poly waterproof labels which means can withhold condensation or oils without ruining the print.

The laid paper will give it a professional high end looking finish for the shop shelves where as the metallic print is becoming more and more popular to have artistic designs to stand out from competitors. With over 10,000,000 people buying spreadable goods 2 to 3 times a week it is important to grab the eye of the consumer

With over 1 million people buying jar products more than once a day maybe you want a positive effect on the environment? Our biodegradable label is made from a by-product of the production of sugar cane, these labels will fully compost, they are recyclable, and they are vegan too. These labels use less energy to produce, so you will be helping the environment from construction to disposal.They are particularly popular for organic products and eco-friendly brands. Many of these companies also offer jar return services to further reduce their impact, which you can also advertise on these jar labels!


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