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Peel and Reveal Labels

Key Facts About Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and Reveal labels are information rich product labels which contain all the information the user may need or want to know. Having multiple layers to the labels helps to maintain a pleasant product design that matches your brand in a limited space. Peel and reveal labels also save on excessive and costly packaging, by storing the information on multiple layers, something which is essential in this day and age that requires more extensive and detailed packaging. If you're looking for a unique and modern alternative for a label with lots of information, a peel and reveal label is the perfect choice for you.



Peel and Reveal Process 

Once we have your artwork, we lay it out into 3 pages. We have page 1, which is the face. Page 2, which is often black text on the inside (adhesive on the back of page 1). Page 3, which is the artwork revealed.


Page 1 and 3 are printed on the web through our indigo printing machines next to each other simultaneously. Once this is printed the slit and page 1 will go through the flexo machine, and the backing paper is then removed so you can have the adhesive printed on with more information.


The adhesive page 2 is then stuck down onto page 3, however to ensure the adhesive of page 2 isn’t permanently stuck to the artwork of page 3 we use a silicone varnish layer to allow all sides to be viewed.


You now have 3 sides of information available which is perfect for vape labels and food packaging.


What uses do these labels have?

Food Products

On food products, the label may give details of the product on the face but once you peel away the top layer, the cooking instructions will be revealed. Some food products may use peel and reveal labels to present any allergen information on the lower layers.


Beauty Products

Similarly, on beauty products, peel and reveal labels can be used to aesthetically present the brand and product information, with any secondary information underneath, such as directions of use.


Vaping Products

Peel and reveal labels are also now popularly used on vaping products and e-liquids, as additional information and warnings are required, as a popular and growing industry, you want that extra edge on product competition, and peel and reveal labels could be the perfect alternative to a standard label.





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