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Wine Labels

Wine Bottle Labels

When people are buying wine they look at the year, the name, and the country of origin. This will help them determine whether it is something that is at a good enough standard for them to buy and we are here to make sure the label with that information is a good enough standard for your product. Wine is created with a lot of time, precision, and care so while the taste shows off the product on the inside, our label can show it off from the outside.


What is on Wine Bottle Labels?

As well as your fancy name and logo, wine bottles also have some legal information needed, such as

-          Producer

-          Region

-          Variety

-          Vintage or non-vintage

-          Alcohol by Volume (ABV)/Units/Percentage

Whether you are producing Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot or anything else they all have their own characteristics. It is important that your label is creative and represents them, so your customer can get a feel of the wine from just a quick glance.


Types of Labels

We offer the perfect wrap-around label size of 125 x 35mm which is most popular for Wine Bottle Labels, but it is always worth measuring your bottle to check first (When measuring make sure the label is not going on a curve, only on the main cylindrical area below the shoulder of the bottle).

If you don’t want a wrap-around label then we have many rectangular sizes which are very popular in the wine including

-          3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. (typical bottle size label)

-          4 inches by 4 inches. (square gives a more modern look and feel to them)

-          5 inches by 5 inches. (square gives a more modern look and feel to them)

Firstly when it comes to material, like any liquids, we would suggest the waterproof labels. It allows them be stored in the fridge or freezer withholding condensation and moisture as well as allow for liquid dropping down the bottle without ruining the print.

To give them a cool, modern look a lot of the artworks printed have metallic elements to give it a bit of a shine and glow and stand out on the shelves. The metallic plastic labels can really elevate your design to the next level!

A lot of the high end labels use the Laid Paper, giving it a vintage authentic look with a great texture and appearance to attract the customers in.


What Next?

If you would like your logo designed you can look into our design service or if you have your artwork sorted check it is print ready!

If you think you know what it is you need then work your way through our step by step pricing calculator

If you are still unsure what is it you need then get in touch through our contact form, call us on 0344 272 0212, or email us and our friendly team will help you out!

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