Metallic Plastic Labels

Our high-quality and eye-catching bright silver polypropylene labels are available in permanent adhesive and a range of different finishes including matt or gloss laminate. These labels can also be made into any metallic colour as when we print them we apply translucent inks. Although Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper are the most requested metallic colours, we are not limited to them.

On request, if you wish your label design to be only part metallic and solid, we can do this by applying a white layer beneath the translucent inks where the print should not be metallic.

Useful Information

What would Metallic Labels be used for?

Metallic labels are great to showboat your product. The metallic sheen will give your label an attractive artistic edge compared to other products.

It is very popular on high-end Makeup and Beauty labels as well as the increasing trend of Vape and Gin and Craft Beer products. These are popular labels for all bottles such as beer, spirits, and wine due to their waterproof attributes.

Specific Uses for Metallic Plastic Labels on a roll

Bottles, Ciders, and Beers

This polypropylene material can be applied with multiple metallic colours including pink, silver, gold, copper, and more. Perfect for showcasing your professional and elegant liquors and bottled products. Their polypropylene plastic properties also mean they are excellent at protecting against water damage, especially if you decide to put an overlaminate ontop of your label.

Bathroom Products

Bath bombs, soaps, body wash, and shampoo all require a label to show their ingredients and product information. This is vital to ensuring your client does react badly. Additionally, metallic plastic labels can be a fantastic way to elegantly showcase your branding and packaging, which is essential for ensuring your products stand out against your competitors. Whether you need spot varnishing or another special process, we can manufacture your labels to your exact needs, with a variety of shiny metallic colours to choose from.

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What’s Required?

Bespoke Metallic Plastic Labels

If you would prefer for us to have your roll labels printed, we can do so to your exact requirements. Simply let us know the following information, and we can provide you with a quote via email. All we need from you is:

1. Shape (Rectangular, Round, or Custom).
2. Size.
3. Chosen Material.
4. Adhesive (Permanent)
7.  Matt or Gloss Laminate
(For Polypropylene material, a laminate is usually best to ensure the label is fully waterproof)
8. Amount of Artworks (This includes any small print changes to already existing artworks).
9. Amount of labels per design.


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Stock & Delivery


There is no special procedure with the Metallic Poly Labels, which means we estimate a 5 working day lead time. Click here for more delivery information.

If you are unsure or have any questions regarding your product, delivery times, or proofs, get in touch with us via our live chatting system located in the corner of our site, email, or by giving us a ring on 0344 272 0212