Biodegradable Labels

Bagasse is an eco-friendly material that is made from a by-product of the production of sugar cane waste and hemp, making it wood-free. (No trees were harmed!). Its eco-friendly credentials make it compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable while using less energy to produce also. These labels are also vegan! The compostable label has a slightly off-white appearance and a great laid texture look and feel.

These labels have an N13432 statement of composability standard with an S9500 acrylic-based biodegradable adhesive.

Useful Information

What Would a Vegan and Compostable Label be used for?

The eco-friendly labels can be used for packaging, product labeling, and much more, these labels are for any business that looks to become more environmentally friendly. It is most popular on products that can be chucked in the compost bin without any worry of having to remove labels.

The vegan aspect of this label makes it particularly popular in vegan restaurants of cafes on their Food Packaging Labels as well as vegan-friendly Beauty & Cosmetics products.

Specific Uses for Biodegradable Labels on a roll

Eco-friendly Product Packaging

If you are looking for environmentally friendly labels that will reduce your carbon footprint. Our permanent biodegradable labels are made out of sugar cane waste and hemp linen fibre, making them biodegradable, compostable, and even vegan-friendly. Perfect for packaging cardboard and other products.

Bath Bombs

Selling bath bombs but need them to be as environmentally friendly as possible? Our biodegradable labels are perfect. Being biodegradable too, it doesn’t matter if the labels get wet or damaged, as they will biodegrade over time, leaving no waste behind on your products.

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What’s Required?

Bespoke Biodegradable Labels

1. Shape (Rectangular, Round, or Custom).
2. Size.
3. Chosen Material.
4. Adhesive (Permanent).
5. Amount of Artworks (This includes any small print changes to already existing artworks).
6. Amount of labels per design.

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Stock & Delivery


There is no special procedure with the Biodegradable Labels, which means we estimate a 5 working day lead time. Click here for more delivery information.

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