Waterproof Plastic Labels

Our Gloss White Polypropylene Labels are the perfect choice if you are looking for a strong and robust label. Being plastic, this label material is waterproof and durable. These labels are highly versatile making them a favoured choice for many of our customers. With their glossy appearance, these labels are ideal for a variety of practical and decorative purposes.

Important to note that these should not be submerged in liquid for long periods of time.

Useful Information

What would Waterproof Plastic Labels be used for?

Drink & Bottle Labels or any other products that may be around liquid would favour the waterproof aspects of the White Polypropylene Label. Due to bottle filling and rinsing as well as being refrigerated. On top of the robust aspects they also help the artwork stand out on your product which can be enhanced with a gloss or matt lamination.

Labeling industrial or sports equipment with white poly labels is also recommended thanks to its durable attributes

Specific Uses for Waterproof Plastic Labels on a roll

Water Bottle Labels

The water bottling industry brings in profits of about 1.2 billion in the UK alone! Which is why it is important that your branding matches the quality of your product all while standing out against your competitors. The best way to accomplish this is through your product label. We have a variety of different shapes and sizes, and special processes we can use to accomodate your needs.


Bath and Cosmetic Labels

Maybe you are in need of a label for your bath and cosmetic products. Whether you are selling bath bombs, soaps, shampoo bottles, toothpaste, and more, our polypropylene material is designed to withstand liquids meaning your labels won’t be damaged if they come into contact with water while stored.

Our labels vary in size and shape, so if you need a custom-sized label made for a make-up brush or another smaller product, we can have this quoted for you. Simply let us know the following information for our bespoke labels, found on this page.

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What’s Required?

Bespoke Waterproof Plastic Labels

If you would prefer for us to have your roll labels printed, we can do so to your exact requirements. Simply let us know the following information, and we can provide you with a quote via email. All we need from you is:

1. Shape (Rectangular, Round, or Custom).
2. Size.
3.  If it is Paper or Polyester Plastic.
4. Chosen Material.
5. Adhesive (Poly Peelable, Permanent, or Ultra Strong Rubber).
6.  Matt or Gloss Laminate
(For Polypropylene material, a laminate is usually best to ensure the label is fully waterproof)
7. Amount of Artworks (This includes any small print changes to already existing artworks).
8. Amount of labels per design.


Give us a phone call on:0344 272 0212, or email us directly letting us know the above information at info@roll-labels.com

Stock & Delivery


There is no special procedure with the White Waterproof Labels, which means we estimate a 5 working day lead time. Click here for more delivery information.

If you are unsure or have any questions regarding your product, delivery times, or proofs, get in touch with us via our live chatting system located in the corner of our site, email, or by giving us a ring on 0344 272 0212