Raised Varnish Process

Raised varnishing is a practical addition to a label as it provides an extra layer of protection to the label, which also boosts the design visually. This process allows you to use a mixture of layers, textures, and finishes to produce an attractive label that is eye-catching and effective. This process is commonly used for packaging, especially for beauty, food, and drink products.

Bring your label to life with our raised varnishing process for labels. This process adds a decorative effect that allows areas of your label to be Glossy as well as Matt.  Our special process helps you to have the desired effect by laying down a large amount of varnish which creates a slightly raised effect.

Useful Information

This technique is used for several reasons:

Visual Appeal: Raised varnishing adds a unique visual element to a label by creating a glossy, three-dimensional effect. This can make the label stand out on the shelf and catch the customer’s eye.

Tactile Experience: The raised varnish gives the label a tactile feel that can enhance the overall sensory experience of the product. Customers are more likely to remember and appreciate a product that engages their senses.

Branding: Raised varnishing can be used to highlight specific areas of the label, such as the brand name or logo, making them stand out and increasing brand recognition.

Premium Quality: Raised varnishing is often associated with high-end or luxury products, making it a popular choice for brands looking to convey a sense of quality and exclusivity.

Durability: The varnish coating provides a layer of protection against scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear that the label may encounter during shipping and handling.

What uses do these labels have?

Beauty Products

Raised varnishing is particularly great for beauty products, as this process allows you to create a completely unique design. With the use of gloss and matt, you can create an embossed look for added texture- accentuating the most important parts of your design. Raised varnishing is perfect for a variety of beauty products, including: Lip products, eyeshadows, skin care products, and nail polish. 

Drink Labels

The raised varnishing technique is widely used for drink labels, specifically for wine bottles. By using raised varnishing you can accentuate certain parts of the label so it stands out more. For example, highlighting the main text in a gloss varnish and then the background in a matt varnish, it also adds layers of depth which makes your label feel stronger. The raised varnish also protects the outer layer against scuffing that may occur during storage and delivery.

High-End Product Packaging

Our raised varnishing is a common process used on higher-end product packaging. The look raised varnishing creates is luxurious and feels unique to the touch. For brands that are in the high-end market, our raised varnishing process is the perfect finish touch to add to your product packaging.

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What’s Required?

Raised Varnish Process

Label Design: The label design is created or modified to include the areas where the Spot UV coating will be applied. These areas are usually indicated by a separate layer in the design file.

Label Printing: The label is printed using a conventional printing process, such as offset or digital printing, on the desired label material.

Spot UV Application: The Spot UV varnish is applied to the label using a special machine that applies the coating to the precise areas specified in the design. The varnish is usually applied in a thicker layer than a regular coating.

UV Curing: The varnish is cured, or dried, using ultraviolet (UV) light. This process hardens the varnish and creates a raised glossy effect. The UV light cures the varnish in a way that only the areas with the Spot UV coating will be raised and glossy, while the rest of the label will remain flat and matte.

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