Matt Laminated Labels

The gloss and matt lamination share the same durability and wearing qualities as each other. However, matt lamination is very popular with vape and cosmetic products due to its natural and softer elegant finish.

Useful Information

What is a Lamination?

When you choose to have a lamination we will add an additional layer of film over the printed label material. We would print your artwork onto the material of your choice and then when we are finishing your labels we will apply a film lamination over the top.

The lamination must be applied across the whole label and cannot only be selected on a certain area of your label, unlike the Spot Varnish option in our special processes.

Why use a Lamination?

A lamination can give advantages to your label on its look, feel, and mainly its durability which creates a strong effect is unable to tear, and is waterproof. The added thickness given to the label by the lamination will give it a more premium feel to it and is generally used more on poly materials. The film over the top can protect it not just from water but from oil and other chemicals too.

Lamination with Printers

When ordering our roll labels to print further details or information it is best not to use the lamination on thermal transfer machines and processes. Printing on top of the film will make the added information run and smudge

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Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are proud to offer a fast 5-day turnaround time for all of our Printed Roll Labels. With the exclusion of made-to-order labels, all items will usually be dispatched the same day if ordered before 4pm on weekdays for next working day delivery.

Shipment & Delivery

We use a variety of delivery partners, depending on the weight of your order or where we are delivering to. Most UK locations will be a 24-hour service. We will email you confirmation of dispatch alongside your tracking information so you can check the progress of your order.