Ultra Peelable Adhesive Labels

Key Facts about Ultra Peelable Labels

Great Value Ultra Peelable Adhesive Labels

At Roll Labels, we give you the opportunity to create custom labels to suit your needs, at great prices. 

Made with a low tack adhesion, our ultra peelable labels provide excellent durability, as well as removability. They are capable of sticking to many smooth surfaces for long periods of time, and can be removed extremely easily without leaving any residue behind. This is particularly ideal for use on glass, or book covers, or whenever clean removability is required.

Useful Information

Label Usage

Our ultra-peelable labels are the perfect option for many different scenarios, especially when easy, clean removability is required.

Product Labelling

The ultra peelable labels we offer are of high quality, making them a popular choice for product labeling. Due to their resistance to oils and water, these labels are perfect for cosmetic products like lotions, creams and oils.

Price or Disount Labels

Our ultra peelable labels are exceptionally useful when temporarily labelling products with a price tag or a special offer or sale price. The label can be easily removed by the buyer after purchase, or by yourself when the price changes. No sticky residue will be left behind on the product.

Window Displays

  • Our bespoke ultra peelable stickers are the perfect way to advertise your business and services. They can be used to display a business logo on windows for example. Due to the removability, you won’t have to worry about leaving any residue on the window.


  • Our ultra peelable stickers are also ideal for warning or instruction signs on windows.

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Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are proud to offer a fast 5-day turnaround time for all of our Printed Roll Labels. With the exclusion of made-to-order labels, all items will usually be dispatched the same day if ordered before 4pm on weekdays for next working day delivery.

Shipment & Delivery

We use a variety of delivery partners, depending on the weight of your order or where we are delivering to. Most UK locations will be a 24-hour service. We will email you confirmation of dispatch alongside your tracking information so you can check the progress of your order.