Baking Labels

Baking labels are labels that are used to provide information about baked goods such as bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked products. These labels can be used by bakeries, food manufacturers, or home bakers to identify and market their products.

Baked goods are not only scrumptious but make excellent products to sell to a wide market of people. Whether you are baking cakes, brownies, cookies, and other tasty or sweet treats we can supply you with superb top-quality sticker labels to promote your branding. Choose from our array of materials and sizes, and we can produce a high-quality bespoke label for you.

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Useful Information

Product name: The name of the baked product should be clearly and accurately identified, such as “blueberry muffins,” “chocolate chip cookies,” or “sourdough bread.”

Ingredient list: A complete and accurate list of all ingredients in the product, including any allergens, should be provided. The ingredients should be listed in descending order of predominance by weight.

Net weight or quantity: The weight or quantity of the baked product should be clearly and accurately displayed on the label, usually in ounces, pounds, or grams.

Nutritional information: The nutritional content of the product may be required to be listed, including the number of calories, fat, protein, and other nutrients. In some jurisdictions, this information may be optional or may be required only if a specific health claim is made on the label.

Allergen information: If the baked product contains any of the major food allergens (such as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, milk, eggs, or fish), this information should be clearly stated on the label.

Date code or expiration date: The date on which the product was baked or the expiration date should be included on the label to ensure that consumers are aware of the freshness and safety of the product.

Storage instructions: Instructions for storing the product, such as refrigeration or freezing, should be included on the label to help consumers maintain the quality and safety of the product.

It’s important to note that specific requirements for baking labels can vary depending on the country, region, or jurisdiction in which the product is being sold. Additionally, some businesses may choose to include additional information on their baking labels, such as branding, marketing messages, or instructions for preparation and serving.

Key Facts about different Baked Products

Meat Products

Any products that contain meat will need a declaration of the percentage of the product.

If your product contains more than one variation of meat, a QUID will need to be given for each type.

Bread Products

Bread made from wheat flour besides from white bread must have a notice that tells the customer what type it is.

You cannot use the term ‘Whitemeal bread’

You Must give a descriptive name, ‘Granary’ or ‘Hovis’ are insufficient alone.

Non-Wholly wheat flour must be described.

Cakes and Confectionary 

flavoured and flavour have different meanings. If neither word is used as a describer, the flavour must only be from natural vanilla.

The cream in cream cakes must be wholly dairy cream. If any artificial cream is used this must be stated on your packaging.

This information has been directly stated from For a full list, please see the guide below:

Bakers Guide to Labelling 

Labelling Materials for Baking Label Products

Semi-Gloss Paper Labels

Semi-gloss paper labels are a popular choice for baking products because they provide an ideal balance between visual appeal and functionality. The semi-gloss finish provides a subtle shine that enhances the product’s branding and makes it visually attractive to consumers. The smooth surface of the paper ensures that the label is easy to read, which is essential for conveying information such as ingredients, nutritional information, and cooking instructions.

A gloss varnish and gloss laminate are excellent options for baking labels due to their ability to provide an extra layer of protection and enhance the label’s visual appeal. The gloss varnish provides a high level of glossiness, creating a luxurious and shiny finish that adds to the product’s premium look. Similarly, a gloss laminate provides a high level of glossiness, but it is thicker and more durable than a gloss varnish, making it a suitable option for products that require more protection.

Waterproof Plastic Labels

Waterproof plastic polypropylene labels are an excellent choice for baking products because they are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to heat, moisture, and humidity. These labels are made of a strong, waterproof material that can withstand exposure to water, oil, and high temperatures, making them ideal for use on baked goods such as bread, cakes, and pastries. Additionally, polypropylene labels are resistant to tearing and smudging, which helps to ensure that the label remains legible and attractive throughout the product’s shelf life.

For extra water resistance, we recommend a gloss laminate over the top to ensure that the print is as protected as the label. 

Fluorescent Coloured Labels

Fluorescent-coloured labels are an excellent option for baking products because they provide high visibility and can help products stand out on shelves. These labels have bright, eye-catching colours that can easily draw attention to the product and make it stand out from other products. The high visibility of fluorescent labels also helps to highlight important information such as ingredients, nutritional information, and allergens, making it easier for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

If you would like regular colours printed on your labels, then we would have these digitally printed on top of the label for you.

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What’s Required?

What Information Do We Require From You?

1. Do you require blank or Printed Labels?

We have to know whether you would like your labels supplied to you blank, or if you have your own custom artwork you would need printing. We will send you an artwork approval before we go ahead with the finished product.

2. What Shape do you need? 

We also need to know what shape you need. Everything we produce on rolls is bespoke, which means we can have whatever shape you require custom-made. Let us know if you require a Rectangle, Circle, Oval, or a Custom Sized shape. 

3. What Size do you need?

Let us know what size you require. We can produce any size that you may need. If you have a custom size, it is best to send us a PDF of your design so we can see each dimension.

4.  What Material do you need?

See what materials we recommend for baking products. However if you would like a different material for your specific needs, we can have these made for you. See our List of Label Materials so you can decide which one is best for you.

5. Which Adhesive? 

Which adhesive do you require? We offer

  • 1. Standard permanent
  • 2. Ultra permanent
  • 3. Low-Tack Peelable
  • 4. Ultra Peelable
  • 5. Freezer-Proof

6. Maximum Roll Diameter and Core Size? 

If you have a preference, let us know the maximum roll diameter and core size you require.

7. Quantity of Labels?

Finally, let us know what quantity of labels you need, and how you would like these to be split per roll.

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