Cider Labels

Cider bottle labels can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you would prefer them on a waterproof material or a paper material. They also need to fit the size bottle that your cider is supplied in.

With the alcohol industry expected to grow 16% per year from 2022-2025, it is important to keep up with an already very competitive market. It is important to stand out against your competitors and a cool looking attractive label is the best way to grab the customer’s attention. It is not just the Craft Beer companies that are creating funky designs for their products, cider labels are starting to follow the same trend. Create a professional bespoke label that you can proudly display on your cider bottles.

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Useful Information

The information required on a cider label may vary depending on the regulations in the country or region where the cider is sold. However, here are some common elements that are typically included on a cider label:

Product name: This should clearly identify the product as a cider.

Alcohol content: This should be displayed as a percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) or alcohol by weight (ABW), depending on local regulations.

Ingredients: This should include a list of the ingredients used to make the cider, in descending order by weight. This may be required by law, depending on the region.

Allergen information: If the cider contains any ingredients that are known allergens, such as sulphites, this must be declared on the label.

Volume: The volume of the cider must be clearly displayed on the label, typically in milliliters (ml) or fluid ounces (fl oz).

Producer information: This should include the name and address of the producer or bottler of the cider.

Country of origin: This should indicate the country where the cider was produced.

Lot or batch code: This is a unique code that identifies the batch or lot of cider that the bottle belongs to.

In addition to these required elements, the cider label may also include other information, such as tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, certifications and more.

Where can you put a Cider Label on a bottle?

Neck label – Not everyone chooses to have a neck label, it is not important to have but can give a nice finishing touch to the top of your cider bottle. This often just consists of a small logo or slogan. Although only 6% of visual attention goes onto the neck, companies still spend a minimum of £ 3 billion per year at an average 1p per label (That’s a lot of labels!)

Back Label – Going by the law, this is your most important label, the most boring but most important. This would include the alcohol strength and units, producer, ingredients, and expiration date. Although only 4% spend time viewing this label, you can’t sell your product without it, so make sure it is perfect!

Front Label –Going from the stats of research from Anglia Ruskin University, the other 90% of the customers viewing is on the front label. The artistic, creative, good-looking side. The side where you show off your product and make those extra sales! We can help you get your artwork ready and print the perfect label.

Wrap-Around Label – The wrap around label is a combination of the front and back label into a singular label around the whole bottle. These are most popular for smaller bottles and can labels, providing all the information you need in one size and job run.

Labelling Materials for Cider Labels

Waterproof Plastic Labels

Waterproof plastic labels are a great choice for labeling cider bottles because they are resistant to moisture and can withstand exposure to ice, water, and condensation. This is especially important for ciders that are often stored in coolers or refrigerators, where temperature fluctuations can cause condensation to form on the bottle.

For extra water resistance, we recommend a gloss laminate over the top to ensure that the print is as protected as the label. 

Semi-Gloss Paper Labels

Semi-gloss paper labels are a popular choice for cider bottles for several reasons. Firstly, their moderate shine provides a professional and high-quality look, which is important for branding and marketing purposes. Secondly, semi-gloss paper labels are easy to print on and can accommodate a variety of colours and designs, making them a versatile choice for labeling cider bottles. Thirdly, they are cost-effective and can be produced in large quantities, which is ideal for cider makers who need to label their products in bulk.

A gloss varnish and gloss laminate are excellent options for cider labels due to their ability to provide an extra layer of protection and enhance the label’s visual appeal. The gloss varnish provides a high level of glossiness, creating a luxurious and shiny finish that adds to the product’s premium look. Similarly, a gloss laminate provides a high level of glossiness, but it is thicker and more durable than a gloss varnish, making it a suitable option for products that require more protection.

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What’s Required?

What Information Do We Require From You?

1. Do you require blank or Printed Labels?

We have to know whether you would like your labels supplied to you blank, or if you have your own custom artwork you would need printing. We will send you an artwork approval before we go ahead with the finished product.

2. What Shape do you need? 

We also need to know what shape you need. Everything we produce on rolls is bespoke, which means we can have whatever shape you require custom-made. Let us know if you require a Rectangle, Circle, Oval, or a Custom Sized shape. 

3. What Size do you need?

Let us know what size you require. We can produce any size that you may need. If you have a custom size, it is best to send us a PDF of your design so we can see each dimension.

4.  What Material do you need?

See what materials we recommend for cider bottles. However if you would like a different material for your specific needs, we can have these made for you. See our List of Label Materials so you can decide which one is best for you.

5. Which Adhesive? 

Which adhesive do you require? We offer:

  • 1. Standard permanent
  • 2. Ultra permanent
  • 3. Low-Tack Peelable
  • 4. Ultra Peelable
  • 5. Freezer-Proof

6. Maximum Roll Diameter and Core Size? 

If you have a preference, let us know the maximum roll diameter and core size you require.

7. Quantity of Labels?

Finally, let us know what quantity of labels you need, and how you would like these to be split per roll.

Size Guide

27.5cl (275ml)  50x60mm / 60x160mm

33cl (330ml) 70x80mm / 80x180mm

50cl (500ml) 85x100mm / 100x200mm

Choose between: Rectangle Label / Wrap Around Label

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