Hand Sanitizer Labels

Hand sanitizer labels typically include important information such as the name of the product, ingredients, directions for use, warnings, net weight, and other relevant details. They may also include branding information, such as logos or graphics.

Hand sanitizer labels are important for both consumers and manufacturers. For consumers, they provide valuable information about the hand sanitizer, including its contents, directions for use, and any potential risks or warnings. For manufacturers, they help to ensure regulatory compliance, enhance product safety, and build brand recognition.

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Useful Information

Product name: The label should clearly identify the product as a hand sanitizer.

Active ingredients: The label should list the active ingredients in the hand sanitizer, such as ethyl alcohol or benzalkonium chloride.

Alcohol content: If the hand sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient, the label should indicate the alcohol content as a percentage by volume.

Net quantity: The label should indicate the net quantity of the product in ounces, milliliters, or fluid ounces.

Directions for use: The label should include directions for use, such as the amount of sanitizer to use and how to apply it.

Precautionary statements: The label should include precautionary statements, such as “Keep out of reach of children” and “For external use only.”

Manufacturer information: The label should include the name and contact information of the manufacturer, distributor, or importer.

Expiration date: The label should include the expiration date or a date of manufacture.

Batch or lot number: The label should include the batch or lot number for traceability purposes.

Warning statements: The label should include warning statements as required by local regulations or governing bodies.

Labelling Materials for Hand Sanitizer Products

Waterproof Plastic Labels

Waterproof polypropylene labels are an excellent choice for hand sanitizer products due to their durability and resistance to moisture. These labels are made with a waterproof material that can withstand exposure to water, oils, and other liquids, making them ideal for use on hand sanitizer products that are likely to come into contact with water or other liquids during use. Additionally, polypropylene labels are known for their high-quality printing capabilities, ensuring that branding and product information is clear and easily readable.

For extra water resistance, we recommend a gloss laminate over the top to ensure that the print is as protected as the label. 

Transparent Labels

Gloss transparent labels are a good option for hand sanitizer products for several reasons. Firstly, they provide a high-quality appearance, allowing the product to stand out on shelves and catch the consumer’s eye. Additionally, the transparency of the label enables the consumer to see the product inside, giving them a better idea of what they are purchasing. Gloss labels are also more durable than other label options, meaning they can withstand the wear and tear associated with being handled frequently, ensuring that the label remains intact and legible over time.

We also offer matt transparent labels for hand sanitizer products. These offer a sleek and sophisticated look that can appeal to consumers looking for a more subtle design. The matt finish provides a non-reflective surface that reduces glare, which can be particularly useful when using the product in brightly lit environments.

For extra water resistance, we recommend a gloss laminate over the top to ensure that the print is as protected as the label. 

Semi-Gloss Paper Labels

Semi-gloss paper labels are a good option for hand sanitizer products because they offer a balance between visual appeal and affordability. The semi-gloss finish provides a professional look that can help the product stand out on shelves, while the paper material is less expensive than other options like plastic polypropylene. The labels can be printed with high-quality images and text, allowing for customisation to suit the product’s specific branding needs.

A gloss varnish and gloss laminate are excellent options for hand sanitizer labels due to their ability to provide an extra layer of protection and enhance the label’s visual appeal. The gloss varnish provides a high level of glossiness, creating a luxurious and shiny finish that adds to the product’s premium look. Similarly, a gloss laminate provides a high level of glossiness, but it is thicker and more durable than a gloss varnish, making it a suitable option for products that require more protection.

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