Label Materials

White Paper Labels

Our standard semi-gloss is the most common label we have to offer. The permanent adhesive is long lasting and is the most cost efficient.

White Waterproof Poly Labels

This polypropylene labels is hard wearing and waterproof. Often finished with a gloss or matt lamination for extra protection.

Biodegradable Labels

More and more people are becoming concious of the carbon footprint and rightly so! Our eco-friendly biodegradable option is your perfect solution…

Metallic Poly Labels

If you need any metallic colour we have you  coloured. We can print any colour on our silver poly material to make it look metallic. As well as being waterproof!

Transparent Labels

Transparent labels are great at showing off your design, standing out on your product. This label is poly and available in removable or permanent adhesives.

Metallic Paper Labels

Just like Metallic Poly Labels we can print any design onto this material to make it look metallic. The papers are often finished with a protective varnished

Fluorescent Paper Labels

Fluorescent colours are hard & expensive to print. However, by printing onto fluorescent papers we are able to give your design that dayglo look you need.

Laid Paper Labels

These premium papers offer an exclusivity to your products and are popular for wine bottles. Available with a permanent adhesive.

Ultra Perm Poly (PAT1)

Extra strong rubber adhesive for those labels you need to stay put and not be tampered with! The hard wearing poly is supported by an extra strong glue for any surface.

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