Protein Powders & Supplements

Protein powders and supplements are rapidly growing in today’s industry. They have been proven to provide various health benefits, which has only increased the demand for this product over the years. If you are looking to delve into this industry with some protein powder or vitamin supplements, you will need to ensure your branding and marketing are also on par with your product.

Whether you are selling vitamin and mineral pills, healthy drinks, bodybuilding supplements, herbal remedies, and more. You need to target your product to your specific audience, which will conclude what type of label material, and size you need.

If you would like to test any of our quality materials, you can order a sample pack to get a feel of what material or adhesive works best for you:


Useful Information

Product name: The name of the protein powder product should be clearly indicated on the label.

Type of protein: The source of protein used in the product should be identified (e.g., whey, soy, casein, pea, etc.).

Serving size: The recommended serving size in grams or scoops per serving should be clearly stated.

Nutrient content: The amount of protein per serving should be displayed in grams. Additionally, the amounts of carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and other nutrients should be listed, as well as the percentage of the daily value for each nutrient.

Allergen information: If the product contains common allergens such as milk, soy, or nuts, this information should be clearly displayed on the label.

Directions for use: Instructions for how to prepare and use the protein powder should be included.

Storage instructions: Information on how to store the product properly, such as in a cool, dry place, should be provided.

Contact information: The name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, as well as a phone number or email address for customer service, should be included on the label.

For further information, take a look at the Food Supplement and label uses Guide on the Website: Food supplement use and labels

Key Information When Labeling Your Products

It is important to ensure that your protein powders and supplements have been labeled with the correct information. For example, all ingredients must be listed, with, and approved for human consumption.

NRV (nutrient reference value) must also be over a certain amount.

RDA (recommended dietary allowance) is judged by the Food and Nutrition boards and must meet the known nutrient needs of all healthy persons.

Protein Powder and Supplement Labelling Materials

Waterproof Plastic Labels

Waterproof polypropylene labels are an excellent choice for protein powder products due to their resistance to moisture and other substances that may come into contact with the label. Protein powders are often mixed with water or other liquids, which can cause traditional paper labels to become soggy and illegible. Polypropylene labels, on the other hand, are waterproof and can withstand exposure to moisture, ensuring that the label remains legible and intact throughout the product’s lifespan.

Semi-Gloss Paper Labels

Semi-gloss labels are an excellent choice for protein packaging due to their ability to provide a subtle shine that enhances the overall appearance of the label and product. The semi-gloss finish creates a professional and sophisticated look that can effectively communicate the product’s quality and value to consumers.

They can also be easily printed using a wide range of colours and graphics, allowing manufacturers to create customised labels that effectively communicate their brand messaging and differentiate their products from competitors.

Fluorescent Coloured Labels

Fluorescent-coloured labels are an excellent option for baking products because they provide high visibility and can help products stand out on shelves. These labels have bright, eye-catching colours that can easily draw attention to the product and make it stand out from other products. The high visibility of fluorescent labels also helps to highlight important information such as ingredients, nutritional information, and allergens, making it easier for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

If you would like regular colours printed on your labels, then we would have these digitally printed on top of the label for you.

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What’s Required?

What Information Do We Require From You?

1. Do you require blank or Printed Labels?

We have to know whether you would like your labels supplied to you blank, or if you have your own custom artwork you would need printing. We will send you an artwork approval before we go ahead with the finished product.

2. What Shape do you need? 

We also need to know what shape you need. Everything we produce on rolls is bespoke, which means we can have whatever shape you require custom-made. Let us know if you require a Rectangle, Circle, Oval, or a Custom Sized shape. 

3. What Size do you need?

Let us know what size you require. We can produce any size that you may need. If you have a custom size, it is best to send us a PDF of your design so we can see each dimension.

4.  What Material do you need?

See what materials we recommend for protein and supplement bottles. However if you would like a different material for your specific needs, we can have these made for you. See our List of Label Materials so you can decide which one is best for you.

5. Which Adhesive? 

Which adhesive do you require? We offer:

  • 1. Standard permanent
  • 2. Ultra permanent
  • 3. Low-Tack Peelable
  • 4. Ultra Peelable
  • 5. Freezer-Proof

6. Maximum Roll Diameter and Core Size? 

If you have a preference, let us know the maximum roll diameter and core size you require.

7. Quantity of Labels?

Finally, let us know what quantity of labels you need, and how you would like these to be split per roll.

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