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Elevate your tequila brand to new heights with our custom printed Tequila Labels – a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship that transforms your bottles into exquisite pieces of art. These labels are a canvas for your unique story, meticulously designed to embody the essence of your tequila while conveying crucial information with style. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, we bring your vision to life with vibrant colours and intricate details, capturing the spirit of your tequila, be it a crisp blanco or a rich extra añejo.

If you would like to test any of our quality materials, you can order a sample pack to get a feel of what material or adhesive works best for you:


Useful Information

A tequila label must include certain essential information to comply with regulatory requirements and provide consumers with accurate information about the product. The specific details might vary depending on the country of production and local regulations, but generally, a tequila label should include:

Product Name: The name of the tequila, often indicating the type (e.g., Blanco, Reposado, Añejo) and the brand name.

Alcohol Content: The alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage of the tequila.

Net Content: The volume of the liquid in the bottle (e.g., 750ml).

Producer/Distillery Information: The name and address of the company that produces or bottles the tequila.

Country of Origin: The country where the tequila is distilled or produced.

NOM Number: The “Norma Oficial Mexicana” number, a unique identification code assigned to each tequila producer.

Ingredients: The ingredients used in the production of tequila, usually mentioning the type of agave used.

Health Warnings: Depending on regulations, health-related warnings such as “Drink Responsibly” or age restrictions might be required.

Government Warning: In some regions, a government-mandated warning about the dangers of alcohol consumption might be necessary.

Certifications: If the tequila is certified organic, kosher, or holds any other certifications, these might be indicated.

Batch or Lot Number: Particularly for small-batch or limited edition tequilas, a unique batch or lot number might be included.

Aging Information: For aged tequilas (Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo), details about the aging process might be provided.

Tasting Notes: Some labels offer a brief description of the tequila’s flavor profile or tasting notes.

Labelling Materials for Tequila Bottles

Waterproof Plastic Labels

Waterproof plastic roll labels are a perfect fit for tequila bottles due to their exceptional combination of durability and practicality. These labels possess waterproof properties that effectively combat the challenges posed by humid and moisture-prone environments, commonly found in bars and storage areas. The plastic material ensures the labels remain intact and legible even in these conditions, safeguarding the brand identity and product information.

Semi-Gloss Paper Labels

Semi-gloss roll labels are an excellent choice for tequila bottles due to their ability to harmoniously blend aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. The semi-gloss finish provides a subtle yet visually appealing shine that complements the premium nature of tequila, enhancing shelf presence and consumer engagement. The labels’ durability and resistance to moderate moisture levels make them well-suited for the varied environments tequila bottles may encounter.

Metallic Plastic Labels

Metallic plastic roll labels are an impeccable match for tequila bottles, seamlessly merging elegance with resilience. The metallic finish imbues a sense of luxury that aligns perfectly with the premium image of tequila, while the durable plastic material ensures the labels can withstand both moisture and handling challenges, common in bar and storage environments. These labels not only catch and reflect light, accentuating intricate design elements and enhancing shelf visibility, but they also maintain the brand’s integrity and product information over time.

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What Information Do We Require From You

1. Do you require blank or Printed Labels?

We have to know whether you would like your labels supplied to you blank, or if you have your own custom artwork you would need printing. We will send you an artwork approval before we go ahead with the finished product.

2. What Shape do you need? 

We also need to know what shape you need. Everything we produce on rolls is bespoke, which means we can have whatever shape you require custom-made. Let us know if you require a Rectangle, Circle, Oval, or a Custom Sized shape. 

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Let us know what size you require. We can produce any size that you may need. If you have a custom size, it is best to send us a PDF of your design so we can see each dimension.

4.  What Material do you need?

See what materials we recommend for champagne bottles. However if you would like a different material for your specific needs, we can have these made for you. See our List of Label Materials so you can decide which one is best for you.

5. Which Adhesive? 

Which adhesive do you require? We offer:

  • 1. Standard permanent
  • 2. Ultra permanent
  • 3. Low-Tack Peelable
  • 4. Ultra Peelable
  • 5. Freezer-Proof

6. Maximum Roll Diameter and Core Size? 

If you have a preference, let us know the maximum roll diameter and core size you require.

7. Quantity of Labels?

Finally, let us know what quantity of labels you need, and how you would like these to be split per roll.

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